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Truffles, Pool Noodles, Fireworks And More: What KPMG Let The Guptas Blow Your Tax Money On

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

If you’ve been paying attention to the mess that KPMG currently finds itself in, you’ll know that the controversial Gupta wedding back in 2013 is at the centre of it all.

Thanks to the international auditing firm (and SARS) turning a blind eye, the Guptas were able to pay for the R30 million wedding at Sun City on May 1, 2013, with your tax money.

That’s right, they didn’t spend a cent of their own money, so let’s enjoy picking apart exactly what you funded at the lavish ceremony.

Side note – the Guptas also ordered Sun City’s black employees to wash themselves before serving guests (HERE), in case that one passed you by.

Anyway, thanks to some leaked emails we can now see the invoices from the Guptas’ company Linkway Trading. Times LIVE with those details:

Hazelnut milk Lindor truffles alone set taxpayers back R13‚088. But the chocolates were not the most expensive things on the menu for the three-day wedding.

Linkway Trading billed the Guptas R69‚992 for milk‚ while 600 single scoops of ice cream cost R21‚812.62.

An extra order of milk‚ yoghurt and cream cost R7‚258.58‚ while whole cranberries‚ bulk kiwi slices and unknown dessert “ingredients” cost R3‚075.92‚ R2‚759 and R41‚698.69‚ respectively.

Golden berries‚ according to the invoice‚ set taxpayers back a further R7‚125.

Peeps got a sweet tooth, hey?

Of course there was a whopping beverage bill, coming in at R473 370, with other “general groceries” costing around R190 000. The main dishes served consisted mostly of veggies, with that expense totalling R169 652.

Let’s finish with a flourish:

When it came to fun in the pool‚ four hours of pool noodle and water ball hiring costs totalled R6‚555.09.

The ultimate spoil for the bride and groom and their wedding guests‚ however‚ appears to have been the fireworks display coming in at a cool R310‚801.52.

Pool noodles – now that’s taking the piss.

Next time your mate defends KPMG on Facebook, throw some of those figures in their face.


This post is from 2oceansvibe.com. Click here to read the full text

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