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Cape Town, Flush The Toilet Too Often And You Can Be Evicted

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com


If it’s yellow let it mellow, because the crackdown on water wasters isn’t going away any time soon.

Take for example the story of 47-year-old landlord Alex Lepnik, who clearly takes water wastage pretty seriously.

The Table View resident has gone as far as evicting one of his tenants for her excessive usage, a tenant who tends go to the toilet very often.

Times LIVE below:

He said that the tenant refused to take heed as she continued with her water-wasting ways.

“The lady was using excessive amounts of water. She would use up to 400 litres of water a day. I have a meter on the toilet and it showed that she flushed the toilet 22 times in one day.”

Could have eaten a dodgy curry, I guess, but Capetonians are supposed to be reducing our water usage to 87 litres per day. Sorry, but if you’re ticking into the 400 litre mark you’re asking for trouble.

Lepnik has actually gone as far as to write water clauses into his lease agreements, and made some big changes himself:

“I put in my rental agreements that the water allowance is recommended from the City of Cape Town. It is written in the contract and also‚ when the tenant moves in‚ I advise them of this‚” said Lepnik.

Lepnik’s personal water use is 60 litres of municipal water a day.

“I have installed a big water-harvesting system. I harvest rain water and I use very little municipal water. You cannot keep on adding people to the same grid‚ knowing that the grid cannot take all that pressure.”

A quick check at the City of Cape Town’s dam water levels to drive home the point, these measurements as of Monday (July 10):

And your rainfall stats:

Be lekker, guys. We all want a bath, we all want a long, soaking shower, but we all need to pull our weight.


This post is from 2oceansvibe.com. Click here to read the full text

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