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Please Enjoy These Five Incredibly Awkward Celebrity Interviews [Videos]

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

Appear in front of the camera often enough and once, or at least once, the wheels are going to come off a little.

Everyone knows about Tom Cruise dancing on the couch with Oprah, or that time Cara Delevingne didn’t really get on with the hosts of Good Morning Sacremento (HERE), but you might have missed some of the others below.

Screen Rant compiled a list of 16 shockers, but we’ll just focus on five for now.

To begin – Bad Ben Affleck

…this 2004 Ben Affleck interview to promote the film Jersey Girl was just inexplicably awkward.

As Affleck sat down with Canadian TV host Anne-Marie Losique to promote his new movie, the reporter ended up on his lap for the entire duration – all five minutes – while the actor smelled her neck, hugged her waist, mimicked her accent, and complimented her physique.

The movie flopped, in case you were wondering:

Jesse Eisenberg is not amused

Either Jesse Eisenberg enjoys flirting in an aggressively sarcastic way, or he was just flat-out fed up with interviewer Romina Puga, host of a show called “Say My Name.” One way or another, this “Now You See Me” interview is unbearably awkward.

It all starts as Romina Puga calls Morgan Freeman by just his last name, to which Jesse Eisenberg sarcastically replies: “Freeman? Are you on a baseball team with him?” The actor later comes back to it, saying, “don’t call Morgan Freeman ‘Freeman’ like you’re in a little league softball team with him.” He also says that Romina is “the Carrot Top of interviewers” meaning that she is “horrible.”

Sexual tension in the air? Nah, I just think he’s over it:

Samuel L. Jackson is not Laurence Fishburne

During a 2014 interview with Samuel L. Jackson, KTLA reporter Sam Rubin started out by asking the actor about his Super Bowl commercial, which at the time made it obvious that he had just confused Jackson with actor Laurence Fishburne, who had done a “The Matrix”-inspired advertisement for a car manufacturer.

Samuel L. Jackson was not pleased, and while he did talk “Robocop” – the film he was there to promote – he did not let Sam Rubin off the hook, repeating several times that he was not Laurence Fishburne and that it was absurd for a Hollywood reporter to make such a problematic mistake.

Don’t be that guy:

What is wrong with Joaquin Phoenix?

Joaquin Phoenix went to David Letterman – who was still host of CBS’ “Late Show” – in 2009 to promote his most work, the film “Two Lovers.”

…After nearly nine minutes of Phoenix saying the strangest things – such as claiming he was quitting acting to focus on hip hop – and awkwardly reacting to the room’s laughter and applause, Letterman decided to let the actor off the hook and graciously ended the interview.

It was later discovered that Joaquin Phoenix had not gone crazy, but was simply method acting for his role in Casey Affleck’s 2010 mockumentary “I’m Still Here,” in which Phoenix played an alternative version of himself.

This one is famous, and chances are you have seen it, but we gotta throw it in this list:

To finish – Tom Hardy’s sexuality is not up for questioning

In a press junket for the 2015 film “Legend,” a reporter from an LGBTQ publication decided to ask Tom Hardy if he thought that it was hard for celebrities to talk about their sexualities, mentioning an interview from Attitude Magazine with actor that prompted this reporter to think that Hardy’s sexuality was “ambiguous.”

Tom Hardy did not waste any time shutting down this line of questioning. The interaction becomes so awkward that the reporter just says “thank you” and stops talking altogether. To be fair, the actor has never seemed too fond of doing interviews, so it’s not surprising that he didn’t waste much time shutting down a problematic question as it was posed to him.

Yeah buddy, not sure where you were going with this one:

I imagine that reporter did a moonwalk out of there before the end of that one.

Sometimes watching other people trapped in awkward exchanges is a good way to spend your Friday.

You can find 11 more interview fails HERE.


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