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Everything We Know About Quentin Tarantino’s Manson Murder Film

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

You just knew that at some point the Manson Murders, up there with America’s most notorious crimes, would arrive on the big screen in Hollywood.

Given his propensity for blood, guts, and gore, as well as a pretty decent track record of making box office successes, perhaps Quentin Tarantino is just the man for the job.

Rumours started circulating this week about the film, and we’ll go to Hollywood Reporter first:

The project, whose title is unknown, was written by Tarantino, who would also direct. Harvey and Bob Weinstein, who have produced and executive produced the previous Tarantino films, are involved, sources [say]…

Sources say that Tarantino is putting the finishing touches on the script and that Brad Pitt, who worked with the filmmaker on Basterds, and Jennifer Lawrence have been approached. Studios could receive the package after Labor Day [sic], according to one source. The plan is to shoot in 2018, possibly in the summer.

Script details are fuzzy but one of the stories centers on Sharon Tate [below], the actress and wife of director Roman Polanski who was murdered by Manson and his followers in 1969.

Manson had ordered a group of his followers to attack the inhabitants of a house in the Benedict Canyon part of Los Angeles, believing it was owned by a record producer who earlier had rejected him.

Over the course of several hours on the night of Aug. 8, the four followers, using guns and knives, brutally killed Tate, who was eight months pregnant, and four other occupants.

In 1971, Manson and certain members of his crew were sentenced to life imprisonment for these and several other murders committed that summer.

In case you think Manson has mellowed with age, here’s what he looks like now:

Not the kind of person you’d have over for dinner.

Other sources suggest it is Margot Robbie, and not Jennifer Lawrence, who will play the lead female role. Samuel L. Jackson is also being linked to the film.

If this project does come to fruition Tarantino will be breaking new ground, having never before worked on a movie based on true events.

I guess only time will tell, but if you feel like killing some time watch this CNN feature on the Manson Murders from back in 2015:


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