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I got the blues in Lisbon

Story from: Skinny laMinx

I’ve been in Lisbon for a week, first for a few days on my own, blissfully wandering the city, and then I’ve been teaching a 3 day course in pattern generation to a bunch of students on an Ace Camp. I simply can’t believe how many pictures I’ve taken while in this city of patterns, music and light. And, of course, most of my photos are of tiles, which constituted the starting point and inspiration for the pattern course I’ve been teaching. Of course I knew that Lisbon had lots of tiles before I got here, but I had no freaking idea of the extent of it. It’s as ordinary as can be to walk past entire buildings tiled in ancient handpainted azulejos, and is that ordinary that postboxes and lotto and pick-up-your-dog-poop signs get affixed to centuries-old tile.


I had to put a lid on my tile photography somehow, as it really is utterly overwhelming, so I chose the colour blue for a tiny slice of the tiles of Lisbon

blue tiles in Lisbon. Photo Heather Moore

Blue-tiles-18-June Lisbon. Photo: Heather Moore

Feira-de-ladra Lisbon. Photo: Heather Moore

blue-tiles-mended-18-june Lisbon. Photo: Heather Moore

Anjos Metro Lisbon. Tile by Maria Keil. Photo: Heather Moore

Tiles of Lisbon from 1600-1625. Photo: Heather Moore

Tiles of Lisbon. Photo: Heather Moore
Tiles of Lisbon. Photo: Heather Moore


Tiles of Lisbon. Photo Heather Moore

tiles-and-signs, Lisbon. Photo: Heather Moore

Blue-tiles-19-June-Alfama Lisbon. Photo Heather Moore

coffee-shop-tiles-Alfama Lisbon. Photo: Heather Moore


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