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Gossip Guy Travels: Thailand, Part 2: Jomtien

Story from: GOSSIP GUY

Hi sunshines,

Gossip Guy here, with the 4th and final part of our Asian adventures. [If missed, see Hong Kong part 1 (arrival and main islands) here and part 2 (Disneyland) as well as Thailand part 1 (Pattaya) – Ed.]

We discovered a little slice of gay heaven in Thailand. The island is well known as a party spot and there’s plenty for LGBT travellers to do. @MrsGossipGuy and I have indulged in Thailand’s hotspots like Bangkok, Koh Samui and Phuket before but Pattaya was a new adventure for us. It’s a little bit more like Bangkok by the sea in terms of the endless nightlife, eating out opportunities and partying to partake in, but we were especially charmed by quieter Jomtien, which is a mere Baht bus ride away from the main road.

Jomtien, which might be a separate town or a suburb of Pattaya (frankly, we couldn’t tell), boasts stunning architecture that reminded me of 1950s Miami, clear, unpolluted skies and a small gay cluster of dining spots, bars and a cabaret venues.

We loved it so much we went back four times in eight days, and will definitely be back – next time to stay bask only in Jomtien.

This is the sign welcoming you to Jomtien. Hop off the Baht bus here and walk around.

Some of the gorgeous buildings.

By the beach. Just to the right of this was a lovely gay bar with friendly staff and nice music. We had many a drink here.

A hotel. We want to stay in it next time we visit.

Taking selfies while trying to find the gay beach.

We found the gay beach. There was free wi-fi and a gay pride flag. It was good.

View of the sea from a lounger you rent at the gay beach. Heavenly!

View of Pattaya Park Tower from the soi (alleyway) near the gay quarter.

The gay quarter.

A bit of beach.

Palm tree, white sand, blue skies… gorgeous day!
The cable car that takes you to the top of Pattaya Park Tower. With hindsight, a bit rickety.

It’s a long ride to the top.

Terrified. And we haven’t even left the ground yet!

MrsGossipGuy is not happy to be cable-car-ing to the top.

View from cable car of the water park. This is about when it started getting windy and the car swayed violently from side to side.

Oh Jesus help us! Is this thing ever going to stop swaying?!?!?!

Made it to the top. Suitably freaked out and mildly nauseous, but oddly exhilarated.

Freak-out face!

View from the top, part 1.

The thingy on top of the tower thingy. Not sure what its technical name is…

View from the top, part 2.

View from the top, part 3.
Selfie from the top!

Pagoda in the park. Safely back on terra firma. People were zip-lining back down to ground from the Tower. I’ve never been so grateful for an elevator in my whole, entire life…ever!

Street-side view from the Rabbit Resort where we lunched.

Rabbit Resort salt ‘n pepper sellers. So cute!

Green tea milkshakes are yum.

The gay quarter at night.

Drag show at The Venue. HIGHLY recommended!
The show was so good we saw it two nights in a row. She was one of my favourite performers. So expressive.

It’s a proper show too – well choreographed numbers with drag queens/ladyboys and dancing guys, who’re often shirtless.
One of the boy dancers. He was shirtless sometimes but alas, no photos of that.

She lipsynched for her life!

Monthaversary dinner in Dick’s Cafe, a beautiful and romantic little courtyard eatery.

Yours in travel,
Gossip Guy

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