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Relationships On Social Networks

Story from: Digital Street

A lot has been said and written about pros and cons of the internet and its impact on our social and personal life. Nonetheless, the topic still remains relevant. Your love and relationship, as well as your social life, can benefit from internet. But, internet can, as well, damage your relations.

While we think that internet provides us with a lot of opportunities, such as communicating with people from all over the world and getting any information we need immediately, we ultimately forget that internet brings us problem as well. And the most sinister part of these problem is that we are too little too late in recognizing them.

Facebook and Twitter opens the whole new world of people for us. If previously to communicate with someone from another country you had to go there, now you can execute your communication from the comfort of your home. Different social networks allow us find friends and even start a romantic relationship, not to mention thousands of dating sites like Your Brides, which are created for finding your love-mate.

The most harmful effect social networks bring to your life is isolation. And this statement doesn’t contradict anything written above. A lot of people are sucked into social networks completely forgetting about the physical world. Facebook allows us to have few thousands of friends, Twitter allows us to have millions of followers, and dating sites give us an opportunity to “date” several girls at the same time. But, 3,500 friends on Facebook means nothing if you have none in the real life. And 2,5 million followers on Twitter won’t make your opinion important for anyone who’s really near you. Moreover, it doesn’t show that your thoughts are of any value in the material world. You can correspond with dozens of girls on dating sites, you can send them gifts, but if your relationships, so to say, don’t go any further than that, they are pointless. And if you think otherwise, it may be the sign that your physical form is a mere shadow, while the real you exist in the online world.

While people online may seem to understand you deeper, than those in the physical world, they can’t help you. They may express their support only in words, which sometimes is enough. But sooner or later, you will find yourself isolated completely, having dinner with some of your friends via Skype.

The same goes with dating sites. Of course, you feel like a real playboy with five or more girls chatting with you, sometimes simultaneously. But can you focus on one conversation? And where does this chatting lead? You signed up to one of those dating sites because you felt lonely in the real life and wanted to find yourself a girlfriend and possible a future wife. And how did it end? Yes, being an online macho is great, but what impact it has on your real life? Seems like “none” is the answer.

Have you ever met one of those online girls in real life? If not, than you should. Only a real face-to-face conversation, without webcams and mics can help you understand have you found your love or not.

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