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Cape Gangland School’s Drum Majorettes Are Making International Headlines

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

How can you not love that face?

When you hear about areas like Belhar and Delft it’s usually to do with gang-related activities, which is part of why this photo essay is such a welcome change.

Photographer Alice Mann spent time with the drum majorette team from Dr Van Der Ross primary school, and her piece on the Guardian offers a different take on one of Cape Town’s poorest areas.

Here’s how she prefaces her story:

While there have been debates around the notions of femininity the sport represents, in Dr Van Der Ross primary school, Cape Town, Drummies is a vehicle through which the girls they can excel in difficult circumstances. This is part of my work, exploring notions of femininity and empowerment in modern society.

The drummies, as they are known, are coached by Morisha Prince. She believes that the sport is making a real difference to the lives of those who participate:

…I feel happy because it will keep them off the streets, keep them busy, they will focus on their studies. They need something positive to focus on, especially in our area. Drummies keeps them disciplined, it is their focus in life that makes a difference for them…

We have had to call off practice a few times, because of gang violence in the area. It’s the 26s or the 28s, if they are chasing each other, they don’t care who they are hurting. It depends if a gang member is released from prison, then sometimes these things happen … that there have been shootouts during practice. We see them on the edge of the field. When there is gang violence we have to cancel. I will call it off and we will all go inside.

Let’s run through some of those snaps:

Maybe that’s brightened up your Monday a little.

You can find more pictures, and the stories behind them, HERE.


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