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Here’s How The Gang Violence In Cape Town Is Interconnected [Infographic]

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

Finally, News24 has got solid information, enabling them to verify the connection between various gang-related shootings that have occurred across Cape Town in the recent months.

According to the news site, various sources with “intimate knowledge” of the gangs have explained that “infighting in the 28s gang has resulted in several hits and attempted hits”:

This is aside from rival gangs fighting each other, mainly over the drug trade.

A tussle for control of nightclub security in the city centre is also playing a role in the violence.

And all of these battles are intertwined:

Elsies River, about 20km from the city centre, and Bishop Lavis, about 18km from it, are among the most volatile areas in terms of gang violence.

* The Sexy Boys gang, which has a stronghold in Belhar, along with the 26s, is fighting the Hard Livings gang over drug turf. Sexy Boys gang members are also said to be involved in an underworld turf war over nightclub security.

Hard Livings gang members are also said to be backing some of those involved in the underworld turf war.

*The Bad Boys gang, with a stronghold in Elsies River, is backed by the Sexy Boys and 26s. This gang is fighting their rivals, the Terrible Josters, over drug turf, predominantly in Elsies River. The Terrible Josters are said to be fighting on behalf of a businessman allegedly involved in the illicit trade of perlemoen.

* Three factions of the 28s are fighting each other.

The one faction is said to be headed by an alleged gang boss, who kept a low profile for years, and is now apparently forcing his way back into the picture – this is said to have sparked a series of shootings. This faction is fighting, among others, the Hard Livings.

This faction is also taking on a second 28s faction headed by someone younger, yet well-respected within the gang, who is intent on taking over drug turf in various areas.

A third 28s faction, the Mobsters, a group of hitmen with strongholds including Bishop Lavis, are taking on the younger alleged gang leader and his associates. However, the Mobsters also hire out their services.

Mobsters members go into specific areas where a hit needs to be carried out.

Here’s the infographic, if connecting those dots proves too higher grade:

Deep, hey?

You can read more details about the violence here.

We really need to sort this shit out.


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