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A Very Interesting Look At Why Zuma Suddenly Wants Two Deputy Presidents

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

It’s virtually impossible to decipher what’s going on in Jacob Zuma’s head, but if you want the foolproof approach just assume the worst.

During the recent ANC Policy Conference Zuma, in a move that shocked party members, announced that the ANC’s constitution should be amended to allow for two deputy presidents.

He added that the runner up at the ANC electoral conference in December should automatically assume the role as one of the deputies, and neither of those proposals was met with great acclaim.

So why would he do such a thing, knowing that his own party would likely not approve? According to Melanie Verwoerd, a former ANC MP and South African Ambassador to Ireland, he’s pulling a sneaky one.

Below from her column on News24:

Many analysts argued in the immediate aftermath to the speech that it is a sign of weakness or concern that the Zuma faction might not win at the end of the year conference. “A desperate attempt to keep his ex-wife in,” someone said to me. But if there is one thing I have learnt about President Zuma, it is never to assume the obvious, because it is very rarely correct.

I believe it is more likely the exact opposite. He and his faction have shown no sign of panic or fear at all. Why would they? They have already “signed up” between 500 000 and 600 000 members in KZN. From everything I hear and see, they are convinced of victory come December.

However, the president will be aware that, if his camp wins outright, there is a very high likelihood that a large faction in the ANC and alliance might form a new party. This would naturally weaken the ANC significantly in the 2019 election. By suggesting this automatic second place, he ties Ramaphosa in and makes it very difficult for him to leave.

He is also putting the ball back into the Ramaphosa camp. By motivating that this is to ensure unity and get rid of the factionalism in the organisation, he is challenging them to come up with something better. If they don’t agree or if they oppose his proposal – they can only be branded as “anti-unity” or “pro-factionalism”.

It is the ultimate Machiavellian move by President Zuma. Not only does he play into the factionalism by not following processes, he uses the narrative of anti-factionalism to ensure victory for his camp.

It’s fair to say that if the proposal is adopted by the ANC, it can be considered a kick to the groin for Ramaphosa. And, like all things with JZ, it gets worse:

If the Zuma faction wins at the end of the year, one must assume that the second deputy president will most probably be from the Zuma camp. This would open the door for Zuma (or his successor) to “re-deploy” Ramaphosa and appoint a Zuma-lackey as deputy president of the country.

We can only hope the ANC rejects the new proposal, as it would if its members could muster an ounce of respect for their party, but don’t go pegging too much hope on that one.

JZ, you sly old dog.


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