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The Nelson Mandela Assassination Plot You Never Heard About

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

Sometimes it takes a seemingly unrelated court case to bring to light some rather nefarious deeds, and that’s very much true in the case of Andre Lincoln.

He is currently appearing in the Western Cape High Court, suing the State for R15 million in damages suffered when he was “maliciously” criminally charged while investigating confidential police activities.

That’s not really the juicy stuff from our perspective though – over to News24:

Lincoln testified that one of the major investigations he was involved in was a probe into “the attempted assassination plot against the president (Mandela)”.

“That investigation was totally covered up… the handcrafted rifle that was going to be used was hidden under the desk of a senior police officer in Pretoria,” Lincoln [below] said.

“We reopened the investigation with lots and lots of resistance.

“That was one of the investigations that was ultimately taken away, it went nowhere.”

He said, in order to retrieve the handcraft rifle meant to kill Mandela, a search order had been obtained from the High Court in Pretoria – the first time such an order had been granted in South Africa for police to search their own colleagues.

Apparently there are transcripts of court proceedings as far back as 2002 that detail the plot, with this from BusinessTech:

The transcripts, which were obtained from one of Lincoln’s previous appeal cases, refer to a foiled sniper-assassination attempt and concerns that the attempt were never properly investigated.

“It looked as if information was obtained that someone, a sharpshooter, would shoot President Mandela at his inauguration,” noted Peter Viljoen, a former member of the presidential task in the obtained transcripts.

“With the information we got, we established that the firearm to be used, was in a certain office of [the] organised crime [unit].”

Viljoen also noted that he was concerned about the allegations that the Mandela murder plot were never properly investigated.

Lincoln says that one of the main reasons the plot was never properly investigated was because most of the officers around that time were “white Afrikaner men of the old order”.

More background from IOL:

In October 1998, Lincoln was arrested on 47 charges, which included fraud and drunk-driving.

His widely publicised criminal trial in the Wynberg Regional Court started in May 2002. He was convicted of 17 of the charges in November 2002.

He was sentenced to nine years’ imprisonment in January 2003, but he appealed the conviction and sentencing.

The process took almost six years before it was heard in the Western Cape High Court. In October 2009 Lincoln was acquitted on all charges.

Judges DJP Traverso and J le Grange, who heard the appeal, ruled that the “entire trial consisted of intrigue, name-dropping, and very little else”, and also noted that “all the facts screamed out that there was no fraud”.

As a result of the criminal prosecution, Lincoln had suffered loss of amenities of life, shock, extreme humiliation, infringement of his dignity and reputation and integrity, health, physical and mental well-being, the papers said.

The case continues tomorrow, and if day one is anything to go by there should be fireworks.


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