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Did Anyone Else Hear The One About Trevor Noah Dying In Potchefstroom Last Night?

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

T-No is on a bit of a golden streak at present, his TV show gaining fans as his face graces the cover of this week’s TIME (HERE).

He might be good, but he isn’t so good that he can be in two places at one time. That’s why this little dip into the fake news pool falls pretty flat, some site called States-TV (and a few others) trying to dupe readers into believing Noah had died in a car accident.

Claiming that reliable sources had disclosed the information, State-TV went on to describe the car accident:

There’s then some waffle about how his passing had “left a massive hole in the industry”, praising his consistent standing ovations and offering condolences to his family.

Imagine attempting to profit off of spreading fake news about someone’s passing? Then again this is the internet, so there really is little room for surprise when it comes to that moral abyss.

Trevor, in case you’re wondering, is doing just fine. Proof from the trailer for his show last night:

Yeah, that BBC interview is still big news.

Thankfully I haven’t seen anyone on Facebook share this nonsense about Trevor, but I am still seeing people sharing those posts about winning a Land Rover / Range Rover / caravan etc.

I can’t believe I’m doing this, because they’re all after the same thing and operate along similar lines, but here’s why you’re a moron:

And now you know.


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