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UPDATE: That Pastor Who Said Gays Are Paedophiles And Should Be Executed Is Coming To South Africa [Video]

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

There’s an update down the bottom for you returning readers, but if you’re here for the first time let’s get cracking…

Meet Pastor Steven L Anderson, founder of the Faithful Word Baptist Church.

He’s hip – he even has his own Twitter account (HERE).

Until a while back he was just another pastor, but then the Orlando shootings happened at Pulse nightclub and he decided it was time for another 15 minutes of fame.

This, from IOL, is what he had to say less than a day after the shootings:

“The good news is that there’s 50 less paedophiles in this world, because, you know, these homosexuals are a bunch of disgusting perverts and paedophiles.”

That’s not the only filth he has uttered either:

Anderson is widely known as the pastor who, in 2014, called for gay people to be executed.

Imbecile deluxe, but why are the hateful rantings of some prick in the U.S. of concern to us?

The pastor is coming to South Africa in September on a “soul-winning marathon”…

…on September 18 he will conduct a day-long event. It will include a breakfast at the Spur in Festival Mall, Kempton Park, lunch at the Wimpy and a church service at the Premier Hotel at OR Tambo International Airport, where Anderson will preach.

GaySA Radio station manager Hendrik Baird sent a letter on Tuesday asking Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba to deny Anderson access to South Africa and prevent the Arizona-based pastor from spreading “hate Christianity”.

Funny that the Dalai Lama can’t touch down here (despite being besties with Archbishop Desmond), but this cretin can pop by for a visit.

Well good news folks – whilst he will still be allowed to enter SA (for now), the Premier Hotel at OR Tambo have decided they won’t play host to hate speech.

This angered Pastor Steven, who took to YouTube for a bitch session:

This from the church’s Facebook page (HERE), trying to drum up further support:


How out of touch is this blabbering buffoon? How about this tweet:


Ah yes, the old ‘native’ bombshell.

He did indeed have some of his articles translated – and guess what, he sounds just as ridiculous when he praats die taal (HERE).

Maybe in light of his calls for one star reviews for the Premier Hotel I can offer my own review on the pastor. It goes as follows:

Zero stars – stay the f**k out of South Africa you hate-filled excuse for a man.

UPDATE: Spur and Wimpy have told the prick to take a hike too. This from News24:

Spur Steak Ranches said it had been made aware of Anderson’s plans and tweeted on Tuesday: “We, as the Spur Group, are reserving our right to prohibit this person [from] entering any Spur restaurants as his views are contrary to the non-discriminatory and openly tolerant stance of our brand.”

And in a statement on its Facebook page, Wimpy South Africa wrote: “Anderson is widely recognised for his homophobic pronouncements and has been accused of inciting hate speech.”

“Wimpy has advised Anderson that the business will not permit him to conduct public preaching or religious gatherings in its restaurants. Wimpy reserves the right to prohibit him from entering any Wimpy restaurant,” the restaurant chain added.

Sorry buddy, how about you tear up that ticket and follow the Trump campaign around instead?


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