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Trump’s New Communications Director – Anthony Scaramucci – Appeared In Wall Street 2 With Michael Douglas [Video]

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

It’s tough to know what the number one rule of Trump’s White House is, but it certainly doesn’t pay to outshine Donny D.

Communications director Anthony Scaramucci may have tweeted out a number of derogatory things about Trump in years gone by (and then deleted them), but he can’t erase the fact that he pipped POTUS to the post back in 2010.

The pair both lobbied to appear in 2010’s Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, but in the end there could only be one. Scaramucci appears in the film, but Donald’s scenes ended up on the cutting floor.

The Daily Beast with the deets:

Scaramucci, who goes by the nickname “The Mooch,” pops up briefly in two interstitial scenes of Money Never Sleeps as an unnamed short seller working for Churchill Schwartz, the investment firm run by Brolin’s villain.

In both of the scenes, presented in split-screen, Scaramucci is talking to clients by phone, and in the later one, at around the film’s 40-minute mark, he even appears to channel his new boss, using one of Trump’s favorite [sic] made-up words.

“Churchill Schwartz has a yuge position in this thing and I want to get you in that stock,” he says.

The Mooch’s brief cameos, which amount to less than fifteen total seconds of screen time, didn’t come cheap. According to sources close to the production, in exchange for the cameos—and the SkyBridge Capital logo being displayed prominently during a charity gala sequence in the film—Scaramucci ponied up around $100,000. Former president George W. Bush didn’t nickname him “Gucci Scaramucci” for nothing.

He actually says ‘yuuuge‘ in almost perfect Trump style:

As for Donald – well, he did get to say a few lines:

In the deleted scene, Trump (playing himself) runs into Gekko at a barbershop in London (though eagle-eyed viewers will recognize it as Tommy Guns Salon on the Lower East Side of Manhattan). It came toward the end of the film, with Gekko back on top again running a successful hedge fund.

It was a simpler time back then:

That was his entire involvement in the film, but he did bring two pages worth of instructions for his one scene:

“The preferred camera angle is Mr. Trump sitting front face to camera slightly favoring his right side, while avoiding left hair part and back and sides of hair and head. Camera eye level or above. If any angle shots need to be taken, please only use Mr. Trump’s 3/4 right side angle shot, while still avoiding the back and sides of hair/head. Lighting, warm golden lighting (no red tones please). Can you please include an eye light (if shooting in high definition, eye light needs to be even more powerful). Also, we had more success with being front lit and avoiding strong lighting behind top of hair/head). The result is golden blond hair, warm golden (even tone) tan skin and a more defined jaw-line. A great reference for Mr. Trump’s look is always the boardroom scenes in Celebrity Apprentice. Can you please provide a monitor for Mr. Trump to see the shot before he starts.”

Apparently everyone involved in the scene also had to sign a contract saying that they wouldn’t touch his hair. Yes, for real.

Let’s finish with a little light amusement – Mario Cantone as Scaramucci on Comedy Central’s The President Show.

He’s good, real good…


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