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Genius New TIME Magazine Cover Ridicules White House / Russia Ties

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

Привет, товарищи.

[That’s Russian for “Hello, Comrades”.]

TIME’s latest cover for their magazine has caused quite a stir.

Accompanying an in-depth article that takes a look at how Russia influenced America’s national elections last year, the cover features the White House morphing into St Basil’s Cathedral, the iconic building that can be found in Moscow’s red square.

Here’s the intro to the article, titled Inside Russia’s Social Media War on America:

On March 2, a disturbing report hit the desks of U.S. counterintelligence officials in Washington. For months, American spy hunters had scrambled to uncover details of Russia’s influence operation against the 2016 presidential election. In offices in both D.C. and suburban Virginia, they had created massive wall charts to track the different players in Russia’s multipronged scheme. But the report in early March was something new.

It described how Russia had already moved on from the rudimentary email hacks against politicians it had used in 2016. Now the Russians were running a more sophisticated hack on Twitter. The report said the Russians had sent expertly tailored messages carrying malware to more than 10,000 Twitter users in the Defense Department. Depending on the interests of the targets, the messages offered links to stories on recent sporting events or the Oscars, which had taken place the previous weekend. When clicked, the links took users to a Russian-controlled server that downloaded a program allowing Moscow’s hackers to take control of the victim’s phone or computer–and Twitter account.

You can read the rest of it here.

Ready for the cover? It’s a work of art:


Republicans must be turning in their graves at the thought of communism touching their blessed White House, even if Russia left that noise behind in the early 90s.

[source: time]

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