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We are what we are today because of the 1976 youth – Malema

We are what we are today because of the 1976 youth – Malema

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says issues that affect young people ought to be dealt with and that politicians were often too serious and that politicians needed to find a way to “say serious things in a youthful way which will make them attracted to politics”.

He said politicians could often be “too serious”.

Malema was being interviewed on MetroFM at the SABC Radio Park on the morning of Youth Day.

Malema said it was important for young people’s issues to be prioritised and to ensure that the public broadcaster, media and social media were used to let young people know that they had a role to play.

Looking back at the history of June 16, Malema said, “The youth of 1976 were in a worse situation than the youth of today. They didn’t have a voice, they were unemployed, they were not educated. Actually, very few black people were at universities at the time, yet they were never hopeless. They actually used it as an opportunity to organise themselves and confront the state and status quo. We are what we are today because of the 1976 youth.

“Tomorrows youth will be what they will be because of the initiatives you take today.”

Malema further stated that it was important for people to take a stand today if we do not want the youth of tomorrow to be unemployed or to go through what young people today were going through today.

He said the EFF would be there to take the political powers head on.

Watch the full interview in the EFF live Facebook video:



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