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Kicking Zuma out won’t make any difference to the ANC

Kicking Zuma out won’t make any difference to the ANC

Kicking President Jacob Zuma out and replacing him with someone else will make no difference at all to the ANC. The culture of corruption is part of the ANC now and cannot be corrected‚ says Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane.

Addressing a public meeting at Matjhabeng in the Free State on Saturday‚ Maimane said he believed everyone could agree that the country needed to change.

“Our country is heading the wrong way and soon it may be too late to turn around. We have stopped making progress as a nation. We are no longer marching towards economic freedom for all‚” he said.

South Africa‚ he added‚ had entered its second struggle era – this time the struggle for economic freedom for all. The struggle to escape the economic oppression of ANC rule.

“I’m talking about a South Africa in which all of us have a say in how this country of ours must be rebuilt – what it should look like and how we can all benefit from it.

“I’m talking about a South Africa built on tolerance and respect for each other.

“I’m talking about a South Africa where violence against women is not tolerated. Where we stand up‚ as one‚ against anyone who thinks they have the right to treat women as their possession.

“I’m talking about a South Africa that is no longer the rape and murder capital of the world; where children don’t disappear every day‚ and where our streets and our neighbourhoods belong to the people who live there once more‚” Mamaine said.

He added that he was speaking about a South Africa where the leaders set the examples for others to follow. Where law and order started at the top.

“I’m talking about a South Africa that works. That creates jobs in every town and every city‚ and that invests in educating and training our youth to fill these jobs.

“I’m talking about a South Africa free from the ANC. We have to start thinking and talking about our future without the ANC. Because only then can we start to move forward.”

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