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New Music Video by December Streets

Story from: www.bsharpentertainment.co.za/music

DECEMBER STREETS Release New Music Video:
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DECEMBER STREETS have released the new music video for SANTA FE, which has been receiving commercial airplay nationwide on radio.

Inspired by Tristan’s travels abroad, SANTA FE came to life after a trip to Europe around a year ago. Shortly thereafter the lyrics and melody began to take shape as he thought back on the experience.

“Santa Fe is about the moments of pure bliss, being lost and completely caught up in the adventure with someone close to you. Those moments when nothing else really matters. Getting dragged along blindly and willingly, totally absorbed in the moment.”

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The music video for the single was shot in Cape Town and directed by Willem Van Den Heever. The concept was born between Run Jump Fly and Willem, where they decided to mesh animation into the real world. They went down to the Cape Town train station, hopped on one of the trains and began shooting. It took around 3 days to collect all the footage.

The concept for the video follows a woman in the midst of a virus breakout that has turned her better half into a little creature. Not accepting her fate, she follows a note that will lead her to a vaccine that will stop her from turning into one of these creatures everyone is turning into. The video follows her on this search/adventure.

“The theme of the song is thinking back to a care-free, wonderful time spent with another person. This is contrasted in the music video and embodied in the virus breakout that has infected the woman’s better half. It’s a story about love ultimately, and the journey she will go on for her better half, based on the memories of the great times they had. Fans can look forward to an adventure, and a beautiful film.”

Watch the video for SANTA FE here!

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