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What’s Your Star Sign? This Is How You Use Your iPhone

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com


Astrologers Margaret Hodge and Carrie Eddins would beg to differ and believe that your zodiac sign has a lot to do with the way you use your iPhone.

They told Mashable that it goes right down to “your number of unread texts, the apps you’re into and even your folder system”.

You be the judge.

We’re only covering five, so if you missed you, catch yours here.


Unread texts: 0
Unread emails: 0
Fave apps: Trello, Runtastic, Pure Barre

You’re a visionary, impatient and soooo [sic] driven. “Typically, you work very hard with emails and texts to get them responded to,” says Eddins. That’s bc you’re thirsty for those instant replies. You go through phases of being super organised and straight-up chaotic. Unpredictable is your middle name. Hodge says Aries are literally “constantly” on their iPhones and they love the “quick interchanges of banter.”


Unread texts: 5
Unread emails: 0
Fave apps: Snapchat, Instagram

You’re a Leo, so you pride yourself on lookin’ good, being the best, and leading your pride of people. “This means you will likely have someone else to answer your emails or texts,” says Eddins. Get you, fancypants! Looking snazzy is v v v important, so you are all about those Insta and Snapchat selfies.


Unread texts: 378
Unread emails: 55,721
Fave apps: Tinder, HouseParty, YouTube

Soz Libras, but you’re super disorganised. Typically your phone will have countless unanswered texts, emails, with not a folder in sight. You and your phone are basically one giant hot mess. You care more about having fun and living life in the moment. According to Hodge, you Libras love the “stylishness” of iPhones. But, they are a source of procrastination for you. Ooopsie.


Unread texts: 0
Unread emails: 0
Fave apps: Sarahah, Podcasts, Chrome

Hey Scorpios, you looooove to organise things. You live at inbox zero. If an app’s not safely inside a folder, then what are you even doing? Your iPhone is “your helper, your partner in crime and your secret,” according to Hodge. You’re great at keeping secrets, but sometimes you need an outlet. That’s why you like anonymous apps like Sarahah. You don’t have time for dating apps.


Unread texts: 0
Unread emails: 0
Fave apps: Monzo, Slack, Runtastic, Notes

“Capricorns are machines,” says Eddins. You are seriously industrious. Unread messages and emails are basically poison to you. Your apps are sorted into folders so you can access what you need in as little time as poss. None of this time wasting nonsense. No dating apps either, you’re far too focused on work.

They definitely missed the mark for me, only getting close to my number of unread texts – but five is still low, bro.


This post is from 2oceansvibe.com. Click here to read the full text

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