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On Court Espresso And Joining Players For A Drink – A List Of Bizarre Wimbledon Players’ Demands

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

We’re now at the business end of Wimbledon, the women’s final decided (Muguruza versus Venus Williams) and the men’s semi-finals taking place today.

Come on Roger, it couldn’t have played out any better for you.

Tennis players aren’t going to rival Mariah Carey in the diva stakes, but they still have some rather odd demands.

It turns out the tournament keeps a secret dossier of all those quirks, something the ball boys and ball girls are made aware of.

More via the Telegraph:

The team behind the ball boys and girls regularly update their file detailing players’ quirks and on-court preferences.

Such is the growing list of demands, however, that their training is likely to be changed to prepare them to react to what players want by creating scenarios of a player demanding something unexpected.

OK, time to spill the beans:

Dustin Brown, who lost to Andy Murray in the second round last week, is among a number who request the same ball back if they have just won a point with it.

But he will also walk all the way to the net if the ball boys and girls forget to retrieve the winning ball for him.

Nadal has a number of near-obsessive routines he carries out before and during matches, including lining up his drink bottles in a certain way and instructing the ball boys and girls on no account to move them.

On top of that, the Spanish player never walks on the lines, so the ball boys and girls have to be careful not to force him onto them by blocking his path.

When it comes to towels, things get even more complicated. Andy Murray wants one after every point, while Novak Djokovic tends to ask for the towel by reaching his arm behind him, rather than looking at the ball boy or girl.

Perhaps one of the strangest requests came from Serena Williams, who after losing the first 0-6 against Italy’s Flavia Pennetta at the Hopman Cup in Australia in 2015, asked that an espresso be brought to her.

After the umpire ruled that the request was within the rules a ball girl was sent to fetch the coffee, returning moments later to carry it gingerly to Serena’s seat. She went on to win the next two sets.

Pretty sure Serena would win no matter what you put in her drink – GOAT.

As for joining the player for a drink – we all remember this Novak Djokovic moment from Roland-Garros:

Let’s cover some rather weird rituals from around the tennis world while we’re at it. SMH below:

Jelena Dokic, Australia – Jelena prefers sitting to the left of the umpire. Before her first serve: five bounces. Before her second serve, two bounces.

She asks ball boys and girls to throw the ball underarm.

Dokic also never looks at the drawsheet more than one round at a time.

Dominika Cibulkova, Slovakia – She appears to kiss new tennis balls before serving them. “I don’t kiss the balls but I smell them. I love their smell, the smell of new balls. And then I think that it’ll bring me luck.”

Maria Sharapova, Russia – Between points, Sharapova hates standing on court lines. It leaves her with an odd, stuttering gait.

Enough? Pro tip – if you’re looking to be snarky this weekend whilst being forced to watch the tennis, say “I can’t wait for this to be Wimble-DONE”.

We saw that somewhere on Twitter so we can’t take credit ourselves, but feel free to use it when the time is right.


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