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Remember That New Social Network We Mentioned? Things Have Just Gone To The Next Level

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

Everyone loves a story about a local business idea that takes off, and that’s certainly true for the team over at Gather Online.

It was all the way back in October that we first caught wind of the new social network, and we took a closer look at what it was all about HERE.

We then managed to get their COO Mark Bryson to stop by the 2OV studios for a chat, where he shared his vision for the network.

During the next few months we kept a keen eye on the network, picking up reports out of New Zealand that it was growing faster than Snapchat…and we all know how that turned out.

So apart from all the success and hype thus far, what really got us excited was hearing that Gather Online had recently launched its app, and thankfully it’s pretty damn easy on the eye.

Of course it comes with all the features that have proven so popular on the site, but let’s start with a little overview:

If you are somehow out of the loop, a few pointers about Gather Online to take on board:

  • Gather Online is a fun new social media platform to gather and share what’s on your mind with people that are on your wavelength;
  • It’s a network specifcally designed for those who wish to expand their horizons and form meaningful connections with like-minded people;
  • Sign up or download the app for free;
  • Start a Gathering and invite your friends or join an existing conversation to discuss sports, politics, parenting, design or any topic imaginable.
  • Conversations last just a few days, so everything is always fresh and active

We’ve had a good snoop around the app this side – iOS HERE and Android HERE – and it’s great to see all the aspects that made the site such a pleasure integrated so seamlessly into the app versions.

Oh, and for those thinking they’ve had just about enough of Facebook and the like – turns out that social media might not be quite as ‘social’ as you may think.

Perhaps it’s time we started to expect more from our social media experience than just cat videos and humblebrags.

And how about a social media discussion that didn’t end with someone being removed as a friend or blocked, but rather an exchange of ideas between people with similar interests?

Sounds like something we’ll continue to follow closely as they go from strength to strength.

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