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The Most Spectacular Skyscrapers Built During The Last 20 Years

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

As money drips from every pore of those who find themselves in the world’s one percent, they almost need to find interesting and remarkable ways to spend it – and one of those ways is to build really expensive buildings.

Sure, some put that money into multiple homes or islands, but others go up, up, and away.

Business Insider listed the 14 most expensive skyscrapers built in the last 20 years and while some are personal, others aren’t so much.

Either way, they definitely cast a shadow.

Check it:

14 – In 2006, Indian business magnate Mukesh D. Ambani built the 27-floor Antilia skyscraper, which serves as his private residence. At $1 billion, Antilia is the world’s most expensive residential property behind Buckingham Palace. It’s also designed to survive a magnitude 8 earthquake.

13 – Located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom Centre cost approximately $1 billion to build. Construction of the 990-foot skyscraper wrapped up in 2002. The second floor features a shopping mall, bank, and mosque, designated only for women. Designed by Minnesota-based firm Ellerbe Necket, the Kingdom Centre also includes a hotel, offices, apartments, and an 184-foot sky bridge.

12 – The Burj Khalifa in Dubai cost approximately $1.5 billion to build. Construction lasted from 2004 to 2009. Including the antennae, the tower stands 2,717 feet tall, making it the tallest building in the world. Inside, there are residential apartments, eight hotels, shops, restaurants, and offices.

11 – The Seat of the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt, Germany cost $1.25 billion to construct in 2013. The twin skyscraper houses the headquarters of the ECB, the central bank for the euro.

10 – London’s glass Shard, completed in 2012 for $1.5 billion, is a 95-story skyscraper. The tallest building in the UK, it features residences, a hotel, restaurants, offices, a business school, shops, a clinic, and an observatory.

9 – Stretching 101 stories, the aptly named Taipei 101 was built in 2004. It hovers over Taiwan and cost $1.8 billion. The skyscraper features a giant sphere painted gold, which spans its 87th through 92nd floors. The other levels contain offices, shops, and a restaurant.

8 – Built in 2007, the $2.05 billion Palazzo Casino is on the Las Vegas Strip. Italian Renaissance architecture influenced the hotel and casino’s design.

7 – Constructed in Dubai in 2012, the $2.17 billion Princess Tower houses shops and 763 luxury condos.

6 – The Venetian is a luxury hotel, mall, and casino in Macau. Built in 2005, the 738-foot resort cost $2.4 billion. In the centre of the mall, there’s a man-made “river” (modelled after the famous one in Venice), where shoppers can take gondola rides.

5 – With a price tag of $3.8 billion, One World Trade Center opened in 2012. Located in New York City, it’s next to the site of the original WTC, which is now a memorial for the victims of the September 11 attacks.

4 – In 2010, a set of Las Vegas high-rises called the Cosmopolitan was built for $3.9 billion.One of the Cosmopolitan’s main attractions is its giant glowing chandelier. There’s also a casino, shops, restaurants, a theatre, a gym and spa, and a convention space.

3 – With a price tag of $4.1 billion to construct in 2005, the 614-foot-tall Wynn resort and casino sits on the Las Vegas Strip.

2– Three towers make up the Marina Bay Sands Resort, which opened in 2010 in Singapore. With a cost of $5.7 billion, it’s billed as one of the world’s most expensive casino properties, though it also includes a hotel, a convention centre, a mall, a museum, two theatres, seven restaurants, and a skating rink.

1 – At a whopping $15 billion, the Abraj Al Bait features seven towers completed from 2007 to 2012. Located in Mecca, the Saudi Arabian government owns the complex. The tallest tower (at 120 stories) features the world’s largest clock face.

And here we are complaining about the so-called monstrosities set to be built in the CBD.


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