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Damn, Son, Russia’s Underground Stations Are Basically Works Of Art [Images]

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

Cape Town’s stations are a prime example of poor urban planning. There is hardly any room for improvement – especially along the southern line – so instead of beautiful central places featuring retail space and cafes, we get one-stop-platforms that hardly ever satisfy the customer.

But then you go to Russia, and you find yourself missing train after train because of how stunning the interior of each of the Metro’s stations are.

According to Sky News, depending on where you get off you will receive a “crash course in such diverse architectural movements as Baroque, Art Deco or Futurism, and face stained glass windows, marble columns, crystal chandeliers, gilded mosaics and painted scenes from Russian history.”

“They’re just these extraordinarily beautiful places that are unlike any metro station I’d ever seen,” says Vancouver-based photographer David Burdeny.

Although the stations, elements of Moscow’s first Metro system, were a part of Joseph Stalin’s Five-Year-Plan to rapidly industrialise the Soviet Union in the 1920s and 30s, they are still as beautiful as ever.

Each one was created to show its citizens and the world the power and possibilities of the Communist Party.

These stations have been there for nearly a century, so how did Burdeny all of a sudden find such an interest in them? With a master’s degree in architecture, as well as a bachelor’s degree in interior design, Burdeny first found out about the stations while working on an Italian series of palaces and theatres.

He was struck by the use of opulent architecture to elevate an otherwise drab destination into a work of art.

“Typically, a metro station is a pedestrian place which serves as a utilitarian device to get you from one place to another. But these were extraordinarily built and constructed, [with] a whole architectural narrative built into them.”

Burdeny had originally planned to focus on Russian stations more generally, taking photos of examples in both St Petersburg and Moscow.

“But when I saw the ones in Moscow, they just completely blew away the St Petersburg stations,” he said.

PRASA – please take note. Thank you.

[source: skynews]

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