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BuzzFeed’s Smart Cooking Appliance Is Actually Incredible [Video]

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

Did you ever think BuzzFeed would get into the smart appliance game? Well…

When BuzzFeed first began their Tasty video series, it didn’t take long for the Facebook page to go viral. People were addicted, sharing the short, snack-sized videos of incredible food recipes for all to drool over.

Unlike anything else doing the rounds, the videos are shot from a bird’s-eye perspective. Their quick and quirky manner, included ingredients and method, and were an instant winner.

If you have never ever seen a Tasty video before, I hope you’ve eaten:

And that’s just their top 10.

Tasty gets 2,3 billion video views each month, explains Tech Crunch, so their move into the smart appliance game makes sense.

It’s called the Tasty One Top, and is essentially a hot plate that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Along with the announcement, BuzzFeed Product Labs – BuzzFeed’s product creators – released the Tasty app:

That just makes things way too simple.

Here’s how the app and the cooker work together, explains Tech Crunch:

So you can look up a recipe in the app, and then cook it using the One Top. BuzzFeed describes the One Top as a Bluetooth-enabled induction cooktop, which supports cooking with pots and pans as well as sous vide.

For precision cooking, the One Top also monitors the surface temperature of the pot or pan, and it comes with a thermometer to track the internal temperature of the food.

Imagine that, or just watch the video below:

Now you want one, don’t you?

BuzzFeed Product Labs has listed the product on their site – here – and, although orders will only be shipped within the USA in November, you are able to reserve one in the mean time.

Yup you read that right: “only be shipped within the USA in November”.

Frustrating, but, of course we have some good news for you.

Retailing at US$149 (R2 000) and available in blue or black here, you can enlist Postbox Courier to do the dirty work of getting your parcel to South Africa.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up
    Register free of charge with Postbox Courier via their website. They will assign you with a Personal Postbox at each of our worldwide depots. Look out for the confirmation email which provides a link to activate your account.
  2. Sign In
    Once you have activated your account, you will be able to login to view your unique Postbox addresses, by clicking the “View your Personal Postbox addresses” banner. Your addresses are permanent, so you can save them and start sending items to your Postbox!
  3. Notify us of incoming items
    Each time you send something to Postbox Courier, please notify them via the Parcel Pre-Alert (in your Parcel Manager).
  4. Manage your orders
    You can ship single items or multiple pieces combined into a single shipment. If you do wish to consolidate orders from different suppliers (in the same origin country), you will be able to do so in your Parcel Manager. Just notify them of each shipment that is en-route to your Postbox, and then use the ‘Group’ button to let them know which items you wish to combine.
  5. Pay for shipping
    Once they receive the items that correspond with your booking they’ll let you know via email and invite you to login to your Parcel Manager and make payment, upon which they will courier your items to your door within South Africa immediately.

Simple as as Tasty pie. 

The beauty of Postbox Courier is they handle the customs clearance part for you (nothing gets stuck at customs – ever) – so even if an overseas website DOES deliver to SA, you would be best off using their service anyways.

I rate you could be cooking up a storm by Christmas, and even impress your in-laws.

This post is from 2oceansvibe.com. Click here to read the full text

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