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Gossip Guy Travels: Hong Kong, Part 2: Disneyland

Story from: GOSSIP GUY

Hi sunshines,

Gossip Guy here, with more of our Asian adventures. [If missed, see part 1 – Arrival in Hong Kong here – Ed.]

This time we’re in Hong Kong Disneyland, a dream destination of mine. For over a decade I’ve wanted to visit Hong Kong Disneyland. And I’ve come close on MANY occasions. You see, I spent over a year teaching English in Taipei in Taiwan and getting in and out of Taipei, for me, usually involved an 80-minute Cathay Pacific flight between the two cities. I did this at least 8 times but never had the gumption, time or finances to stop off and experience Hong Kong.

And having been to Disneyland in LA not once but twice, I’m an avid, unashamed Disneyphile.

Hence this face upon seeing the iconic castle for the first time…

Things were fun from start to finish. It was pretty quiet on the day we went – a weekday in March so there are plus-sides and minus-sides.

The good: less crowds means less queuing for rides. This is a huge deal for anyone who’s been to Disneyland in LA, where even on a weekday, you can queue for well over an hour for a ride. It also made taking photos a lot easier as there were less people “accidentally photobombing” my pretty shots, the best of which are below…

The less-good: with things being quieter in Hong Kong, Disneyland tends to close a lot of the restaurants when it’s not busy, so finding something to eat was a little trickier.

TRAVEL TIP: If you go during the week, avoid the food court in Tomorrowland, which is very busy and full of kids and their frazzled folks and opt for the less noisy, more leisurely (but more expensive!) restaurant near the Main Street Square, close to the Adventureland entrance. Good service, nice food,..

Now, on to the pics…

Arrive in style, on the special Disneyland-branded MTR train
At the entrance to Hong Kong Disneyland. Let the fun begin!

Having a ‘Mickey and the whale’ of a time. This water feature is at the entrance to the park

My lovely travel companion @MrsGossipGuy

It’s a Baymax from Big Hero 6 but as an egg. I’m not sure why. Maybe ask the Easter Bunny

Main Street offers up shopping galore

Main Street selfie time

More of the quaint Main Street with its old-world charms

The castle – it doesn’t get any more iconic Disneyland than this!

Commemorating the park’s 10 years of making smiles 

Gossip Guys selfie

At the start of Adventureland, which has a kind of Jungle Book feel to it

So this statue, at the start of Adventureland, reminds me of my trip to Cambodia in 2005

The Tomorrowland boat ride is kid-friendly

On the Tomorrowland boat ride. No, those elephants are not real
The normal Main Street parade was more covered up and sheltered due to possible inclement weather

Toy Story’s famously grumpy Mr Potato Head

Toy Story fans will love this part of Disneyland Hong Kong

It’s Mystic Manor! This ride was lots of fun and visually spectacular

Goofing off in the Wild West part of Disneyland

“I didn’t do it. I swear it wasn’t me Yerr Honour!”

Space – the final frontier

More goofball antics

More of those character eggs

The Mickey Mouse emblem is made out of plants and flowers

Aliens! No Claw, but aliens…

Who doesn’t love a giant Woody?

Toy Story’s dino dude

A bench made out of giant ice-cream sticks. Clever idea!

The other side of the castle

Is that Mickey Lisa or Mona Lisa?

Belle, Beast, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, The Cheshire Cat, Goofy, Pluto, Snow White, Princess Elsa, Princess Anna, Alice, The Genie… so many iconic characters here!

Moi with one of Fantasia’s bucket-filling mops

At the start of the iconic It’s A Small World ride

A hungry, hungry hippo on the It’s A Small World ride

Woody and Jessie on the It’s A Small World ride

The Little Mermaid gets the It’s A Small World ride treatment

MrsGossipGuy and moi on the It’s A Small World ride. Note how I wore my Mickey Mouse t-shirt to Disneyland! 

Hope you liked part 2 of our Asia travels. Come back for parts 3 and 4, Pattaya and Jomtien in Thailand…

Gossip Guy

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