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Gossip Guy Travels: Hong Kong, Part 1: Kowloon and Hong Kong Island

Story from: GOSSIP GUY

Hi sunshines,

Gossip Guy here, fresh from our trip to Asia.

@MrsGossipGuy and I love to travel [Who doesn’t! Say, can I get some time off? – Ed.], especially to Thailand. Since Thai Aiways no longer flies direct from Johannesburg to Bangkok we had to get creative with our third trip to the land of smiles and flew on Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong. Which, of course, necessitated a little pit-stop in Hong Kong. I’m thinking: ‘Hey, if you’re going all that way, might as well make a thing of it.’

And boy, did we.

Hong Kong has a lot of plusses (the shopping, Disneyland, it’s easy to get around, culinary delights) and a few minues (it’s outlandishly expensive and tends to be pretty foggy), but we enjoyed it. Would I go back? Probably not. Unless you’re paying… Kidding! Sort of. Ok, I’m not kidding about that part.

So here are a few highlights from our 4 days in Hong Kong.

And ussie while out scouring for a beer and some dinner

Bespoke mini-cupcakes: Oreo (left) and peanut butter choc chip (right). So yum!

Walking the streets of Hong Kong Island

Noodle soup – a staple of Chinese food

Hong Kong feels like wall-to-wall skyscrapers. They’re everywhere. And they’re impressive

A little slice of the sexy nightlife

It can get quite foggy, cutting off the tops of many of those famous skyscrapers

Spotted this outside the modern art museum, which was sadly closed when we went

A foggy day can obscure the views a bit

But it’s still a fun adventure taking the MTR under the sea (like Ariel) to get there

I loves me some limited-edition Haagen Dazs

Traffic. It’s everywhere. Here’s some midday chaos

Delish chicken dish, although the noodle part was oddly cold and the chicken piping hot. Er…

Drinking citrus peel and honey hot tea while waiting for the abovementioned cold-ish lunch

Green tea ice cream… my new favourite flavour!

Checking out Kowloon Park

Kowloon Park art. “See a penny pick it up…”

Kowloon Park… like the sign says! 

About to board the tram to Hong Kong’s most famous viewpoint, Victoria Peak

On the tram, which is so steep the buildings look like they’re leaning over.

We didn’t go into Madame Tussauds but if we had we’d have seen more of this guy

View from The Peak – stunning

Peak view selfie

Another Peak shot

The fog was so dense a little sliver of skyscraper popped out from beneath the cloudmass

Hong Kong can be pretty but here’s its less glam side which you’ll get if you walk around enough

Where we stayed – the Cosmopolitan Hotel

More of those tall buildings

Hong Kong’s Times Square. I call it New York Lite

Another selfie 

Last selfie. Promise…

Hope you liked part 1 of our travels. Come back for more of Hong Kong Disneyland, Pattaya and Jomtien…

Gossip Guy

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