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You Won’t Believe What The 10 Most Pirated TV Series Of 2015 Are…

Story from: GOSSIP GUY

Hi sunshines,

Gossip Guy here, with some pretty fascinating TV-viewing stats.

Internet piracy is a major headache for most TV networks worldwide. Why? Because, more and more, people are opting to bingeview their TV entertainment, which means not waiting for shows to air on traditional TV. Their solution is piracy. Arrrrrr, mateys, it be that way.

One of the biggest piracy sites, TorrentFreak, has released their list of the 10 Most Pirated TV Series of 2015. Why should you care? Many reasons…

1) It paints a picture of what TV shows, globally, are enjoying the most popularity.
2) It gives a good indication of the type of genre people illegally download the most: sci-fi/fantasy. Of the top 10, only 1 show is a sitcom (Big Bang), 3 are dramas (Blacklist, Suits and Mr Robot), and the remaining 6 are either fantasy (Game Of Thrones), horror (Walking Dead), comic book superhero shows (Arrow, Flash, Supergirl) or historical dramas that border on fantasy (Vikings). TV’s definitely getting more escapist and the list is in line with the trends we’ve been seeing of sitcoms dying out losing popularity, more superhero series than ever before and that we’re liking our TV viewing with as much blood, guts and gore as possible.
3) Note: not a single reality show made the Top 10.
4) The figures below give the number of illegal downloads and do not factor in streaming (ie Netflix, Hulu etc).
5) Game Of Thrones is the most downloaded show, again, by far, proving that more people are watching it via illegal download than on the actual channels that air it. Wow!

2015’s Most Illegally Downloaded TV Shows
Game Of Thrones — 14,400,000 downloads
The Walking Dead — 6,900,000 downloads
The Big Bang Theory — 4,400,000 downloads
Arrow — 3,900,000 downloads
The Flash — 3,600,000 downloads
Mr. Robot — 3,500,000 downloads
Vikings — 3,300,000 downloads
Supergirl — 3,000,000 downloads
The Blacklist — 2,900,000 downloads
Suits — 2,600,000 downloads

But what, Gossip Guy would like to know, are you watching? Drop a comment on the blog or tweet me.

Gossip Guy

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