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“Condescending Swine” – The Daily Mail Just Published A Serious Hit Piece On Richard Branson

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

If it’s not Donald Trump coming after you, it’s some bloke at the Daily Mail.

Yesterday we covered how Donnie sent Branson a nasty letter way back in 2004 (HERE), which can be best described as bitchy, but today the criticism is a little more stinging.

Quentin Letts is in the process of publishing a new book, and in the latest extract on the Daily Mail he came out swinging.

Bearded box-wallah Branson makes out he is a caring, sharing guy. He has created for himself an image of laid-back dude, the ordinary guy, your baby-boom groover next door. He portrays himself as such an anguished altruist, open-collared and long-haired, you wonder that he even knows phrases such as ‘mark-up’ or ‘bottom line’.

In fact, he is a tight-biting businessman who has run his companies with flinty acumen and grabbed a packet for himself. He has an interest in globalised pay rates, international commodity prices and the Western banking system. Please don’t call it exploitation, but this is certainly capitalism in the raw.

He is also a remorseless collector of phone numbers of the fashionable and mighty. When it comes to climbing, he is in the clematis league, a name-dropper of the first water, vain, self-important, a prize specimen of that genus Bastardus (patronisingae).

He’s on a roll now – go on with your bad self:

Why is he so esteemed? The Beeb included him in its ‘100 Greatest Britons’ poll — he came 85th, one behind steam-engine inventor James Watt, one in front of U2’s Bono (not even British). He is frequently hailed as an authority on drugs policy. Why? Because he sits on something called the Global Commission on Drugs. But this is a self-appointed body of has-beens, wannabes and second-division statesmen. He is an expert because he says he is!

It goes on, and on, and on, so if you want more Dick bashing then check out the full piece HERE.

Just remember that the Daily Mail also publishes columns by Piers Morgan…


This post is from 2oceansvibe.com. Click here to read the full text

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