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“Makes Me Want To Die” – ‘The Emoji Movie’ Reviews Are Brutal! Here’s A Roundup

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

Last time we ventured down the ‘so bad they’re good’ review avenue we were talking about the latest Transformers movie, The Last Knight, although you can bet they’ll turn out another one in the not too distant future.

If you missed those reviews check in HERE – my favourite being “it is a machine for converting your brain matter into soup”.

It was pretty obvious that The Emoji Movie was going to divide opinion, given that it’s about shapes on a screen that are slowly killing language, so let’s dive into the pick of the lot via Vulture.

And go:

  • …it is one of the darkest, most dismaying films I have ever seen, much less one ostensibly made for children.
  • There are five stages of grief in preparing to watch The Emoji Movie. The first is denial that this actually exists. The second is anger that now even storytelling has been reduced to those reductive blobs.
  • Please restore my eyes to their factory settings. They have seen The Emoji Movie, a new exercise in soulless branding, aimed primarily at little kids. But where another product-focused flick, The Lego Movie, had cleverness and heart, this thing is a piece of app … Hear that? It’s the end of the world.
  • The Emoji Movie is a force of insidious evil, a film that feels as if it was dashed off by an uninspired advertising executive … A viewer leaves The Emoji Movie a colder person, not only angry at the film for being unconscionably bad, but resentful of it for making them feel angry.
  • The Emoji Movie is so bad, it made us want to yell at strangers on the street … I don’t think I can say anything funny about this, because it makes me want to die

That’s it, let it out.

It’s worth revisiting the trailer:

The mind boggles.


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