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Donny Goes Home – World’s Greatest Trump Impressionist Is Going Sky High [Video]

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

Alec Baldwin does a pretty good job of taking the piss out of Trump, but even he must surely admit that Anthony Atamanuik is the best impersonator going around.

We first saw Anthony in action back in April when he appeared alongside Trevor Noah (HERE), and we saw him again this morning when him and the Mooch had that joint press conference (HERE).

It’s about time Donny goes home, something we see below in this clip from The President Show:

Huff Post spoke with Anthony about what it takes to pull off the impersonation:

“I like the darkness,” explained Atamanuik, the show’s creator and star…

Atamanuik’s Trump, like the real thing, is a deeply insecure figure ― an immature child with the confidence of a god and a shocking level of selfishness. His complete lack of impulse control is always on full display, as exemplified by the aptly-named “President Show” segment “Screaming at the TV!,” in which Atamanuik’s Trump literally watches TV news clips and yells at the television set like an angry second-grader ― an absurd premise drawn straight from the real thing.

Ultimately, the point of the exercise, whether Atamanuik [below without makeup] was debating onstage or, as he is now, sitting behind the desk in his televised Oval Office, is to defang Trump, now at the pinnacle of power.

“The most important thing is to litigate him, rob him of his macho identity and try to replace it with the person who I think he is, which is a little more weak and petty and a little more self-involved and self-loathing,” he explained…

Atamanuik even gets daily briefs and sees the actual president’s daily schedule, trying to get as close to the real thing as he can so the show, as absurd as it is, is grounded in reality. In strange instances of life imitating art, then imitating life, Atamanuik has even made eerie, inadvertent predictions on the show that have come to pass in Washington.

You can read the rest of the extensive interview HERE.


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