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The Biggest Talking Points From The Heath Ledger Documentary

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

Given the intrigue that surrounds the life and death of Heath Ledger, the tell-all doccie from Derik Murray and Adrian Buitenhuis was always going to be a headline grabber.

If you somehow missed this one you can watch the trailer HERE, but we’re going to stop in with TIME and see what lessons they learned from watching I Am Heath Ledger.

The film contains a great deal of footage of Ledger filmed by Ledger, who seemed “always to have a camera in hand”, as well as interviews with family and friends.

It was during the promotion of A Knight’s Tale that Ledger began to really struggle with fame.

Ledger’s next move after The Patriot was the medieval adventure film A Knight’s Tale. His ruggedly handsome face and tousled hair — accompanied by the promise, “He will rock you” — was plastered all over Los Angeles, and he was set to tour the U.S. as the film’s “secret weapon.” But the role of salesman didn’t sit well with the actor.

As his friend, the director Matt Amato, puts it in the documentary, “He wanted fame. And then when he got it, he didn’t want it. He was mortified, and he felt owned.”

Ledger’s romantic interest in his Brokeback costar Michelle Williams became clear after she got injured on set.

While filming a scene in which Ennis (Ledger) and Alma (Williams) go sledding, the toboggan flipped and Williams needed to be taken to the hospital. “When we reached the hospital we saw Heath holding her hand trying to comfort her,” Lee recalls in the film. “It was pretty obvious he was interested in her.” Their daughter Matilda was born the following year, and they remained together until 2007.

He once surprised his friend, the musician Ben Harper, with a grand piano, asking for a lullaby in return.

After a night playing music with Ledger on the actor’s grand piano, Harper went home to get some rest. He awoke to hear a commotion outside: the piano had arrived on his doorstep, a gift from Ledger. When Harper protested his friend’s generosity, Ledger told him, “It’s supposed to be with you.”

A few weeks later, Ledger, who was expecting a child with Williams, asked Harper to write a lullaby they could play for their daughter when she was born. “Nothing has ever been asked of me that’s that precious,” Harper says in the documentary.

One of his trademarks as the Joker was the result of challenges in the makeup room.

Ledger did much of his own makeup for his role as the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, a part for which he would go on to win a posthumous Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. He wore a prosthetic on his mouth to create the illusion of the villain’s famous scarring, but it frequently became detached when he spoke.

Rather than repeatedly returning to the makeup room to have it re-glued, explains his dialogue coach Gerry Grennell, Ledger began licking his lips to keep it in place. As he repeated the motion, he began to incorporate it into the character.

As Heath’s sisters have explained before (HERE), Heath didn’t spiral out of control whilst playing the Joker, saying he really enjoyed playing the character.

The doccie will be available on iTunes and Amazon on Tuesday (May 23).


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