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One Wonders What The Queen Thinks Of These Pics Of Pippa’s Future Brother-In-Law Doing Cocaine

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

Shamelessly taking cocaine in public is taboo for a number of valid reasons. If you do do it, keep it to yourself, yeah?

Unfortunately, Pippa’s fiancé’s brother is one person who decided to show the world.

Now that Pippa Middleton’s engagement has made its way to the press, British tabloids are going wild. Her fiancé is James Matthews, a multimillionaire hedge fund manager from London who grew up in a well-to-do family.

Although conservative, his younger brother Spencer is pretty much on the opposite end of the spectrum – and I am sure the Royal family are quite weary of having such strong ties to him.


Referred to as a “louche ladies man” Spencer, now 28, made his name on the reality television show Made In Chelsea. Aimed at showing off the lifestyles of socialites from the Chelsea area in London, he gave audiences a thrill.

Although Spencer’s stint on the show ended after five seasons, he wrote a book about the experience, titled Confessions of a Chelsea Boy. His lifestyle is far different from the soon-to-be connected family, explains Daily Mail:

He shrugged off allegations of cocaine-snorting and claims that he lost his virginity at 13 and has bedded 1,000 women. He survived a crash in a Lamborghini during the Dodgeball Rally, a rich-kids car race across Europe, and was red-top fodder, as stories of his bed-hopping became legend.

So far, so Sloaney. But even after stepping aside from E4’s ‘structured reality’ show about posh 20-somethings inhabiting the affluent postcodes of West London — allegedly as a favour to his brother to avoid the Middletons’ disapproval — Spencer remains a favourite of the celebrity circuit.

He and his fellow Made In Chelsea stars have a cult following among the show’s young fans and enjoy an enviable lifestyle of luxury travel and lucrative personal appearances, minutely detailed in Instagram posts and social media chit-chat.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 1.14.24 PM

Back in 2012, the reality star made headlines when he was caught on camera snorting cocaine. The “disgusted partygoer” who filmed him was not impressed, and reportedly told newspapers that:

Spencer was machining it up – I saw him do six to eight lines. He snorted so much he went absolutely mental. He was talking a mile a minute.

As one does. Stills from the video are below:


Cocaine wasn’t his only problem. Spencer is now a steroid-addiction awareness campaigner, and has apparently stopped taking drugs altogether – or so he says.

He recently appeared on a show with the worst person in the world, Piers Morgan, explaining his findings on recreation steroid use.

While his past may be behind him, a socialite wedding such as Pippa and James’ should be a wonderful reason to celebrate.

I wonder how I can get an invite.


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