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If You Care – Hero Child Asks Kim K Why She Is Famous

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

This could be the weirdest prepped Snapchat convo in celeb history.

When a little kid, Sid, bravely asks Kim why she is in magazines, and if and how she is famous, Kim stumbles for an answer. This is a kid we’re talking about, how hard can it be?

Not only that, but why is she being so modest? Her husband, Kanye West, just released a song titled “Famous” and a music video for it featuring Kim K, but nooooo, she doesn’t like to “use that term”, and is still pondering the universal reasoning behind why exactly she is “famous”.

The other thing that is strange is that she’s totally in on the whole thing – each mini-snapchat episode is recorded and shared on purpose, evident by the short “Kay, go,” heard in the first one below:

All that I can agree on here is that Kim Kardashian does indeed have a big booty.

[source: mashable]

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