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Brother Reckons Sister Who Joined Mile-High Club With Pupil Was Framed

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

If you’re a teacher, sleeping with your pupils is pretty ill-advised.

Throw in the fact that the deed happened on a plane, and you have a story that people are going to poke their noses into.

28-year-old Eleanor Wilson, a physics teacher, is the woman who is currently under the spotlight, although if you ask her family she might just be the victim.

She has been banned from teaching, but her family claim it’s only because she is “good looking”.

Hmm – over to the Telegraph we go:

Jethro Wilson, her brother, strongly denied that the Bristol-based teacher had ever entered into sexual relations with the student, known only as Pupil A, adding that she had previously been “hassled” by male students.

“I know they made it up, because he blackmailed her,” he added. “They made the story up and made it sound good. These teachers work hard all their life and go through years of courses and all it takes is one student to bring them down.

“There’s no doubt about it – he had a crush on her. They were away on an educational school trip and she didn’t want anything to do with them, so they made stories up about her.

“She’d already had enough of students giving her hassle because she was good looking. Good looking teachers get picked out by students and they get hard done by.”

He added that the allegations were only made when she reported the pupil for sending her explicit photographs.

“I couldn’t believe it, she told me this student was sending her pictures, which she turned around and sent to the school. He was sending her explicit images, and she told the school what happened.

“She never had anything to drink on the plane, nothing went on. She never had any sexual relations with the student. I know her, it’s not like her, she would never do something like that.”

Despite what Jethro thinks, his sister was dismissed from her position at a secondary school in Bristol.

Get this – the plane sex happened during a school visit to the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. Fancy.

Wilson admitted to meeting the student outside of school, and also to “hugging”, but denied all further allegations. Not that anyone believed her:

Ms Wilson’s disciplinary panel concluded that Pupil A had been a credible and reliable witness, finding her guilty of unacceptable professional conduct and bringing the profession into disrepute.

Her school also maintains that the allegations are true and released a statement “unreservedly” condemning her actions.

“Her conduct represents a shocking abuse of her position of trust as a teacher,” a spokesman added.

“On discovering what had taken place, she was immediately suspended and we conducted a thorough investigation that resulted in her subsequent dismissal.

“We then referred the case to the National College, who have prohibited her from teaching permanently. We welcome this decision.”

As Derek Zoolander might say, it’s not easy being really, really, really good looking.


This post is from 2oceansvibe.com. Click here to read the full text

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