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When Good McDonald’s Customers Go Bad [Video]

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

For many, McDonald’s is one fast-food outlet that is best avoided, but for others a few drinks (and maybe a toke) and the craving becomes unbearable.

Take for example these two customers in Amsterdam, who caused quite a scene when they were involved in a bust-up with employees.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say something along the lines of ‘these women have a bad case of the munchies’, what with it being in Amsterdam and all.

There, I said it. Watch the meltdown:

And this from the Daily Mail:

One staff member tried to calm the woman down, holding out his hand to beg her to desist, but the violence continued and the police had to be called. The women were then arrested.

The shocking scene was caught on camera by other customers, who posted the footage online.

A spokesperson for the fast food chain mentioned an ‘unfortunate situation for our employees’.

They added: ‘This is not the way a disagreement should be handled. We hope other visitors were not disturbed by the incident’.

I think the only punishment befitting this crime is a lifetime supply of McDonald’s, and a large poster of that creep Ronald McDonald hung above their beds.

Bonus video – you wanna be cool? Maybe try this at your local Maccie D’s, although we suggest you ride THIS beast.


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