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Ivory ban may see China rethinking Africa

Posted by on Jan 23, 2017 in China | 0 comments

The recent announcement by the central government of China to ban all domestic ivory trade and processing by the end of 2017 offers a...

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China orders more than 100 golf courses shut

Posted by on Jan 23, 2017 in China, World | 0 comments

China has ordered the closure of a sixth of the country’s golf courses since 2011, its top economic planner said, in an ongoing...

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Posted by on Jan 20, 2017 in China, News | 0 comments

Audi is, like all other major car manufacturers, getting into the electric car game. With the brand outselling all other premium brands in...

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Ramaphosa full of praise for China’s Xi for taking global lead

Posted by on Jan 20, 2017 in Business, China | 0 comments

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa on Thursday lauded Chinese President Xi Jinping for taking leadership of the world and setting the...

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Financial gain really at the heart of political policies

Posted by on Jan 19, 2017 in China, Finance | 0 comments

Recent utterances by world leaders indicate that at the root of the tangential rhetoric echoes the ringing tone of a cash register.Got...

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MH370: the most bizarre conspiracy theories

Posted by on Jan 17, 2017 in China | 0 comments

On Tuesday, 17 January, the underwater search for the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 was called off. The missing passengers’ next of kin...

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