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Imagine If You Could Trade In Old Apple Macs For New Ones – Actually, You Can

Story from: 2oceansvibe.com

Dealing with anything new in your life is a daunting phase to go through.

Whether it’s a new dog, colleague or operating system, you will probably hit a few brain spasms before things run smoothly once more.

But that’s why outlets like Digicape are here to help.

Located in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Stellenbosch, their assistants are willing to help you with any questions you have regarding Apple products – especially when it comes to that big decision – switching from PC to Mac.

And Digicape’s Director of Sales, Gaynor MacArthur, has heard all of those questions before.

MacArthur busted a few myths regarding the switch from PC to Mac, especially in terms of kitting out your business – check them:

It’s too expensive

Initial setup costs might require a little spending, but one has to take into account the lifetime cost of the device:

“Apple’s strategy has always been to build quality machines with top-of-the-range specs, designed to last a long time, says MacArthur. “Consider the purchase price a percentage of the lifetime cost of that device. A PC’s purchase price is around 18% of its lifetime cost, while a Mac’s purchase price is approximately 50%. What this means is that you will generally spend far more money on maintaining your PC than you would a Mac, and maintenance costs will far exceed your initial outlay.”

MacArthur cites IBM as an example:

“In 2015, IBM replaced their Window’s PCs with Mac, and has since then deployed it to 100 000 of its employees (Source: Jamf white paper).”

IMB calculated that the decision to switch from PC to Mac has saved them around $273 – $535 per device (based on an estimated four-year lifespan), potentially saving the company, on average, around $40 000 000 since the decision was first implemented. Mac also has a far higher retained value over a five-year period.”

And, as it stands, Digicape are offering a R3 000 discount off their iMac:

It doesn’t work on our network

Please – Apple uses Server Message Block (SMB) as its file sharing protocol, which is the standard networking protocol utilised by Windows:

“This means that Apple devices work seamlessly on a traditional business network. And because macOS is built on top of UNIX – a multi-user, multi-tasking computer operating system – it supports all the standard internet network stacks,” explains MacArthur.

“Apple has also partnered with Cisco to ensure iOS devices work seamlessly across Cisco networks (an industry leader in enterprise networking.)”

It’s not a business tool

Did you know that Microsoft actually developed Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the Mac first, establishing Mac as a leader in business software?

Apple also reinstated its role in the business sector when it switched to the Intel processor in 2006, making it possible to install Windows natively on a Mac.

MacArthur adds:

“It was also the first time we could compare apples with apples (intentional pun!), and MacBook Pro was voted the best ‘Windows PC’ for three years running.”

And, of course, there are also security advantages:

“MacOS has FileVault (full disk encryption) and is shipped standard with XProtect, to safeguard against malware attacks.”

Our employees will struggle to make the switch

If your employees struggle to make the switch, then you should fire them all. Jokes, – MacArthur suggests that regardless of whether you are moving to a different device or a new operating system, your staff should always receive the necessary skills training:

MacArthur believes that learning to use a new device is not as challenging as some would believe, particularly with Apple’s much lauded intuitive user interface.

“And because the productivity apps have the same look and feel across both Mac and Windows, the transition is a relatively easy one.”

Convinced? Well here’s another reason to make the switch with the help of Digicape. They offer a “rent to return model”, which is a flexible model that truly minimises and reduces the total cost of ownership in an organisation.

While you have to be a business, and there is a minimum spend, after two years you can return the kit for upgraded models.

Yup, you can swop out iPhones, Macs and iPads for new and improved models – which is just one way to keep your employees happy.

So you can trade in your old kit, buy a new iMac for less, and even opt in for a finance option too?

Digicape is making it way too easy – check out all their business options here.

This post is from 2oceansvibe.com. Click here to read the full text

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