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American Lotteries Are Getting Better and Bigger

American Lotteries Are Getting Better and Bigger

American Lotteries Are Getting Better and Bigger

The American lotteries have always been an important part of the lottery market, but in the last decade, they have boomed to a point where they are simply larger than life. In this article, we are going to tell you about the magnanimous evolution of the two titans of the American lottery so that you can grasp the full extent of their transformation.

The US Powerball

The US Powerball is currently the best-known lottery in the whole wide world. Launched in 1988 as Lotto America, the game became an instant success. It wasn’t until April 1992 when its name was changed to US Powerball, which got to be a household name in the States impressively quickly.

In the beginning, the US Powerball was limited to the states where the Mega Millions was not sold in, which made the game reach only 23 states by 2009. The striking rivalry between the two American lottery titans continues up to this day, but in 2009, there was an agreement that allowed both games to be played in a single state. At the moment, the US Powerball is available in 47 American states.

One particular element that has kept fans putting in their tickets for the US Powerball was the abundance of new additions to the game. Just when they thought that the game couldn’t get any better, they would introduce yet another unbelievable feature.

This was the case for the Power Play option, which was introduced in March 2001 and that has increased the interest in the game tremendously. When players found out that they could increase their secondary prizes 2, 3, 4, 5, or even 10 times, everybody wanted to try out the Power Play option.

In 2015, the US Powerball introduced a brand-new set of rules, which eventually, built up to its current status. While the odds of scooping the prize became more difficult to beat, the amount of the jackpot was boomed to never-before-seen proportions.

Every lottery player in America was waiting for the Powerball to have a billion-dollar jackpot, and when it finally happened, the whole world was in shock. On January 13th, 2016, the US Powerball jackpot had reached a gargantuan $1.56 billion and every lottery player on the planet wanted to be a part of the game.

Since then, the US Powerball has become the single most talked about lottery game in the world, with millions and millions of fans hoping for its jackpot to get past the $1 billion threshold once more.

The Mega Millions

The Mega Millions lottery was introduced as the “Big Game” back in September 1996, when it only had six participating states. In time, it has become more and more popular in the US, thus acquiring more and more states to be part of the game.

In 2002, the Big Game became the Mega Millions we all know and love, and with this, came the addition of New York and Ohio on the list of participating states. By the end of 2003, the Mega Millions had become the biggest multi-state lottery game in the US.

It was also in 2003 when they introduced the Megaplier option in the game, which is very similar to the Power Play option in the US Powerball. The two games were the main contenders for the leader of the American lottery market. In fact, it was due to the rivalry between the US Powerball and the Mega Millions that states could only choose one of them to play.

This lasted for quite a while, but eventually both lotteries were made available in the same state. As a result, in January 2010, as many as 23 new states were made part of the Mega Millions. At the moment, the game is available in 44 American states, as well as the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

In 2012, the Mega Millions made lottery history with its legendary $656 million jackpot. At that time, it was the largest prize to ever be won in the lottery, and even now, it is the second on the list, as it was only ever surpassed by the $1.56 billion Powerball jackpot of 2016. Everybody wanted to play the Mega Millions for a chance to win this historic prize.

It was this enormous jackpot that made the US Powerball up its game in 2015 because Mega Millions was the seemingly untouchable leader of the lottery market after news of its groundbreaking $656 million jackpot broke out.

However, after the US Powerball jackpot exceeded the $1.56 billion threshold, the Mega Millions fell into its shadow because every red-blooded American wanted to play the Powerball rather than the Mega Millions.

But now, the Mega Millions is planning a very big comeback. As of October 2017, this American lottery titan is going to get larger than life. Their central aim is to up prize levels to match the US Powerball. Their minimum jackpot will be increased to a whopping $40 million from the current $15 million, and as there is no jackpot cap, the prize can reach unbelievable amounts.

With the upcoming improvements to the Mega Millions underway, this autumn is going to be a proverbial clash of the lottery titans. So, expect to be amazed by the record-breaking prizes in these fantastic lotteries.

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